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ATICCOOK BRUNO RUIZ is more than just a restaurant, it is a gastronomic experience. It is a unique and different concept that integrates the kitchen and the dining room in a common space, where there is a greater connection between the cook and the diner, promoting transparency.

restaurante Aticcook Denia
restaurante Aticcook Denia
restaurante Aticcook Denia
restaurante Aticcook Denia

Our cuisine seeks to convey a personal mark. Knowing the qualities of each product to get the most out of it. Combining tradition, technique and innovation without putting barriers to different cultures to create a fun and surprising experience.

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IN ATICCOOK we work from the hand of Bulthaup kitchens and we are in tune with its concept and philosophy. This is how we create a particular space and how our restaurant industry concept arises.

About Bruno Ruiz
  • "El menú degustación ajustado en innovación, calidad y precio." in

    Juan Fernández Moro (Google+)


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Cami De la Bota, 13 - 3700 Dénia (Alacant)

T: +34 678 30 43 87